Annyeong hamshimnika! 4minute's Kim Hyuna imnida! I can be cute,sexy,troller and soooo hyper and that depends on who am i talking :3 please do leave a message on my ass bokseu also ◕‿◕ I'm a friendly person I sweaaaaaaar~ hoho <333333 r/s: contented being single :)  troller(s)

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Kim Hyuna Lipseu~♥
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I’m so inactive oh gash XD

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omgiam-minzy replied to your post: omgiam-cl replied to your post: o HEEEEYYY…
*coughs* wrong account? xD

Omfg yes -.-” otl im on ipod thats why ugh XD

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Omg i posted it on a wrong blog -.-

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Who has difficulty getting up in the morning?

DooJoon: HyunSeung.
HyunSeung: Lee GiKwang & I.
JunHyung: Lee GiKwang VS Jang HyunSeung.
YoSeob: Jang HyunSeung-gun.
GiKwang: I, Jang HyunSeung.
DongWoon: HyunSeung-hyung & GiKwang-hyung.
Interview in COOL Music Magazine.
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